Certificate course in Social Media Marketing


Everything we think about the world has changed since the social media platforms arrived. Apart from connecting and socializing with people far and near, social media sites can be a great way to promote businesses and gain customers and popularity. In the nutshell, Social Media Marketing is a sum of all the activities that aims at business promotion and traffic generation from various social media sites.

IDM brings a dedicated and planned Certificate course in Social Media Marketing, which promises to offer a deep insight in the current trends, market elements and business promotions on social platforms.

Course Duration: One Month

Suitable for: Web professionals, marketing enthusiasts, website designers and programmers, corporate employees, bloggers, writers, and website & business owners.

Course Structure: Our Certificate course in Social Media Marketing has been designed to offer complete in-depth knowledge of the evolvement of social media portals, visibility and strength of various platforms, along with current elements and trends. We would like to add here that social media related learning is a continuous process, and there are regular changes in the trends. We always ensure that our course is updated as per the developments in the field, and our instructors will monitor students at every level. Apart from the theoretical knowledge and classes, our students are also guided for practical problems and assignments.

Basic Course Contents

  • Understanding needs and power of Social Media
  • Detailed study of Facebook Brand Pages and Marketing
  • Complete evaluation of Twitter Marketing Techniques
  • Basics of LinkedIn marketing for lead generation
  • Discussion of other social media platforms
  • Evaluation of Social Media Campaigns
  • Understanding ROI and related aspects
  • In-depth discussion on Social Media Channels

( Detailed Course details available on request)

Why IDM?

With our CEO behind the design of every course, IDM wants to empower contemporary professionals with social media. This is an absolutely perfect course for anyone with a desired interest in internet marketing or website promotions, and we ensure that their interest is further cultivated. Our students have complete access to our materials, videos, and we have live sessions and Q&A sessions with different instructors. Here are some more reasons to choose us:-

  • Lifetime access to course contents
  • Email updates during and after the course on new aspects
  • Detailed practical and study lessons for every module
  • Regular evaluation
  • Assistance for new business owners for starting campaigns
  • Help for professionals for initiating social media marketing
  • Direct Q&A sessions with our CEO
  • Easy and flexible study body with assigns and exams

If you have a question, please feel free to write to us! We are available on phone and email, and we have special offers for group bookings.

What Our Students Say

I learnt the basics of SEO from Sudhir. Sudhir’s SEO course is sound and accurate. I have seen fantastic improvements in my client websites by implementing the SEO techniques he taught me. Apart from that he is a good friend as well.

Nikhil Raj  – Senior SEO Engineer, Alamy Images India Pvt Ltd., Technopark Campus, Trivandrum

Sudhir is a Digital Marketing expert, is well updated on latest Digital Marketing techniques and practices. His classes helped me a lot in understanding the basics of SEO. It is helping me today in analyzing client requirements and making right decisions while developing solutions and preparing proposals. He is also a good mentor.

Aby Gomez -Project Manager, Reflections Info Systems PVT LTD, Technopark, Trivandrum